Welcome to IRENE School of Rhythmic Gymnastics it is our pleasure to welcome you to our family of the graceful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Exciting times are ahead. We appreciate your confidence and entrusting us with your child’s future in Rhythmic Gymnastics. We truly enjoy training our athletes and guiding them to reach and exceed their goals as a rhythmic gymnast. Again, we welcome you to our positive, fun environment where students work hard and learn skills that can be applied throughout life. It truly is our pleasure,

Your ISRG family
Anastasia Fomin – Head Coach/Owner
Edward Fomin – Owner


The ISRG philosophy is based on the understanding that Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique combination of dance, art and sport, combing them in performance to discover the best of all three worlds.

The ISRG program is built on the strengths of the Russian system which is known for developing clean elegant lines and beautiful body technique. Small class size and personalized programs ensure that our gymnasts receive the best training available. Through all its disciplines, we will promote and develop recreational and competitive gymnasts to the highest level. Fundamentals & Skills Physical Benefits: Coordination, strength and flexibility, strong balance skills – dexterity, solid foundation for fitness. Psychological Benefits: Self-esteem and confidence, pride of achievement, focus and concentration. Character Building: Respect for self and others, commitment, dedication, responsibility, perseverance, patience.



One goal, one passion – Rhythmic Gymnastics We will work hard to ensure that each rhythmic gymnast has a memorable experience, from those just getting their start, to those who are ready to move on to the higher levels. We believe our program has the experience, coaching staff and organizational support necessary to provide every athlete with the opportunity to advance to the next level. ISRG is built upon success, positive, fun environment goes beyond the training mat, but provides a learning foundation of skills that can be applied throughout live.



ISRG expects our athletes and their parents to present themselves in a courteous and polite manner to everyone they encounter. Our program is dedicated to treating all athletes fairly, and giving everyone an opportunity to improve the many skills associated with rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics requires a strong commitment. It is important that everyone involved understands that each is willing to make this commitment for the athlete to become the best rhythmic gymnast possible.



Gymnast MUST NOT miss classes, meetings or competitions without first communicating with their coach. ISRG understands that school and family activities are important and will work with the gymnast to work around their school schedule. Classes provide time for the development of individual skills. They are
teaching sessions and full attention and concentration is expected. Mistakes are learning experiences. Gymnasts are asked to be at class 10 minutes prior to starting time. Parents are requested to pick up younger gymnast in the gym to ensure that coaches are aware of their safety. Please be prompt so that the class is not interrupted by arriving late. Illness: It can be quite uncomfortable, if not dangerous, to perform gymnastics activities while ill. Therefore, please do not send sick children to class! Absences: ISRG coaches are committed to every gymnast’s success and expect students to make RG a priority. That means to do everything possible to attend every practice. Due to our schedule and amount of hours all gymnasts are expected to exercise, there are no make-ups, credits or refunds given for any classes missed or not used by any student for any reason. Pre-team and Level 3 limited make-ups may be specially arranged due to illness only.



The following guidelines will help to make sure that every student at ISRG has a safe and valuable experience in their class instruction, ISRG student attire: In order to participate safely and functionally in class, students must be properly attired. Appropriate dress for Irene School of Rhythmic Gymnastics students is as follows:

Clothes: Black leotards or black form fitting tank tops with shorts.
Shorts are optional.
Hair: MUST be pulled back securely in a bun!
Jewelry: NO JEWELRY with the exception of stud earrings.
Foot attire: Toe Shoes (White socks are permitted for preteam & level 3)
Competition Attire: All competition wear should be discussed with the coach and approved! For competition sports bags and warm suits will be required and can be purchased through our office.
Equipment: The ISRG policy is to supply equipment for all our Pre-Team gymnasts. Gymnasts Level 3 – 10 are required to purchase their own required equipment.
Food and Water: No food allowed in the gyms during practice. Water bottles are encouraged for all classes.

Promptness and Warm-Up

The first 60 minutes of every gymnastics class involves very important warm-up and basic exercises that enable the student to participate in the instructional part of class. These exercises help each student to develop the physical attributes necessary to progress through future lessons. Students are expected to arrive for class on-time, and to participate fully in the warm-up activities. Students who arrive late will need to warm up on their own and join the class quietly. Please inform main office if the gymnast is unable to attend due to illness,
etc. All phone numbers and email addresses for coaches will be provided.

Conduct and Discipline

Students are expected to maintain focus, self-discipline and control always while in class. Students must remain with their class, in their designated area, at all times. Horseplay or dangerous behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. All gymnasts are expected to behave in a safe and respectful manner. Coaches will contact the parents if there are any concerns. Safety Rhythmic Gymnastics skills themselves, due to their nature, involve a certain degree of risk and potential injury. Class activities, due to the constant movement of students, with different elements, at various talent levels can also contain a certain degree of danger. GYMNAST SAFETY is OUR TOP PRIORITY NO ONE IS PERMITTED IN THE TRAINING AREA WITHOUT A COACH BE PRESENT

Lost and Found/Valuables

ISRG is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on our premises. Therefore, please leave all valuables at home

Facility Rules

No running, tumbling or ball playing in other areas of gym. Please keep entrances free of people, toys, strollers, etc. No student or sibling may be left unattended on the premises at any time. No playing with any other equipment on premises, unless authorized and cleared by Coach. Park appropriately between lines in parking spots. Please do not block entrance or exit to any doors to the facility. Many functions may be happening simultaneously. We ask that everyone show respect and
smile to those around them.


This is your facility and home for Irene Rhythmic Gymnastics please take pride of our facility. We try to keep our facility as clean as possible. If you see something that needs attention, please let us know.

Media Release

Promotion of ISRG and Rhythmic Gymnastics as a sport is important for ISRG. We regularly videotape displays and classes to be used for coaching or media purposes. The professional class and individual photos may be posted on our website, Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube or used in printed Medias. Parent’s permission to use photos and video clips of their gymnast is required to further promote the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. A photo release form is included in this packet.


ISRG will communicate all gym updates via email. Please make sure to add our email address to your contacts. ocrhythmic@gmail.com


Opportunities for gymnast to travel may arise throughout the year. The following is the travel policy that governs the costs that each gymnast may have if they choose to attend either a National or Invitational competitions that may require travel outside of area and overnight stay. Traveling with the team is an honor and needs to be respected. Competition time is normally tight and there is little time if any to see local sights. We are there to have fun, but COMPETE! Competitors are expected to wear appropriate clothing always and act
with respect and be polite at all the time.


Each competitor will be responsible for their own travel expenses and hotel stay. Based on age when appropriate ISRG will work to group competitors 3-4 to a room (with parent approval). Competitors will purchase their own meals. ISRG will search for economical room rates and provide meal information. Upon a team event team members will be required to participate in team meals.


Room numbers are not to be given out to anyone except members of the ISRG team and parents. No person other than ISRG competitors, coaches or family members are permitted inside any competitor’s room.


Curfew is 10:00pm. LIGHTS OUT! No competitor is to be outside of their room unless accompanies by a coach or parent

Competition Fees

All competitions have a set fee for gymnasts per event. The competition fees must be collected in advance; a deadline date will be shown on the information/registration forms sent home prior to the event. After this date, all checks will be cashed and registration fees will be forwarded. A withdrawal date will also be shown on the form, if you do not notify your COACH of the gymnast intent to withdraw prior to the cutoff date you will be held liable for the competition fees. In the event that a check is not sufficient to cover the cost of the entrance fee and additional check/monies will be required to complete the registration of the gymnast.
No gymnast will be allowed to compete unless all fees have been paid.

Coach expenses

By coach expenses we consider the amount paid for the hotel room, gas and other minor expenses associated with a coach presence during competitions. We will try to keep these amounts fair and reasonable. The fore mentioned amount should be distributed evenly among the participants of the competition. The proof of expenses will be provided.

Private Instructions

For students that need to work on a particular skill that cannot best be met in a group class setting, private instruction is available. For information please contact the coach you would like to have private instructions with.


We seek to continually grow and improve, and to better meet the needs of our gymnasts. We do review your feedback and use it to make decisions regarding future programs and policies. We hope all of you will provide us with regular feedback to let us know how we are doing. Also, we ask that you help our instructors to improve by providing feedback about your child’s class experience. Your suggestions are always welcome. Please put them in writing in order that we may give them the attention they deserve.